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Our pen transmitter, Model P-105, has been the industry standard for nearly twenty years. It is unique in that is contains no electronics and requires no batteries. It looks much like a ballpoint pen and therefore, it is neither provocative nor readily identifiable as an alarm transmitter.

Pen and LC-110
Model LC-210 is designed to meet the most demanding requirements for safety and personal security. For this reason the LC-210 is encased in durable high-impact resistant plastic and it provides two unique features: a low voltage indicator to guard against unexpected battery failure; and two transducers to assure positive, continuous, multidirectional signaling. No other system provides this backed-up dependability.
A stainless steel clip secures the LC-210 on the wearer’s belt. In the event of forceful removal, the properly worn transmitter is activated by a grenade type pull-pin. In "man down" situations, the LC-210 will, after a few seconds, automatically call for help. To eliminate nuisance alarms, a warning tone alerts the wearer that a signal is about to be sent.
Our model LC-110 personal transmitter has been designed especially for nursing homes, hospitals, and psychiatric wards—places where medical emergencies, internal security, and violent behavior require immediate response.
Wear it as a pendant, or clip it on a pocket, lapel, or belt. The model LC-110 weighs less than two ounces and is battery operated; thus, upon activation, it will send a continuous signal. Like our LC-210, a pull-pin trigger makes activation easy and, when properly worn, guards against violent removal.
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