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In times of emergency, when life may be endangered, this is the first word that comes to mind. Sentry Products provides an emergency communication system designed to protect people who work or live in institutions where there is the threat of violence, industrial Hazard, or medical alert. A system such as this, so vital to human life, cannot fail. That is why we made system dependability our highest priority.
Letís talk about dependability. For whatever reason staff security may be required, you can count on Sentryís system technology. It has been proven dependable since the original location-specific, duress alarm system was introduced over twenty years ago. Sentry has proved to be so reliable that today, more Sentry systems are in use in North America than all other competing systems combined.
Now, two decades later, Sentry Products has reconfigured that same proven technology into systems suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in the correctional, corporate, school, and medical environments.
How does the system work? So simply that there seems to be no better way to do it. Anyone concerned for his or her safety wears a personal transmitter—either a "pen-like" device or an electronic "beeper-like" unit. In case of emergency, one simple motion will activate the transmitter, which emits an ultrasonic signal that is readily identified by a nearby receiver. The receiver, in turn, activates an alarm at central control. Sentry system components are compatible. The system design assures positive reception and virtually eliminates the potential for nuisance alarms.
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