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"Acknowledge" and "Reset". SCS,SCAN, and Mark-10 Monitoring Units all feature simple two-function control.

SCS Control Panel
Our Mark-10 typically mounted at the nurse’s station, is ideally suited for small medical facilities or specific departments within a larger facility. An audible alarm demands immediate attention while a flashing light discretely identifies the location of the emergency by zone.
SCS provides an addressable multiplex Master Processor and Annunciator (MPA) in 30 and 60 zone control panels. This equipment, known as MPA-30 and MPA-60 respectively, is offered in standard desktop, rack-, or flush-mounted models as are SCAN control panels.
SCAN panels accept "plug in" zone modules and are designed to handle up to sixteen such modules per panel. The initial panel accepts eleven zones to allow for the power supply and associated components, which are housed within it.
Both SCS and Scan panels accept multiple units by design allowing for future expansion. Fully supervised wiring immediately identifies, by zone, accidental or deliberate circuit disruption.
Add only the features you want. Automatic audio with alarm, remote operation of sound "listen in", graphic display interface, audio monitoring with ATD, and RS232 transfer capability for data login through a host computer as well as RS485 single pair loop wiring off of SCS panels are but a few of these features.
Sentry delivers outstanding capability.
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