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Product Applications
Court and Justice Centers
Correctional Facilities
Court and Justice Centers
The SCS 30/60 provides excellent security for today’s courts and justice centers where security is paramount. Applicable security risk locations include:
  • Judge’s Chambers
  • Private hearing rooms
  • Clerical work areas
  • Prisoner holding areas
  • Fee payment stations
  • Courtrooms
  • Elevators and Stairwells
  • Enclosed Parking
Sentry Products offers two excellent choices for transmitters in justice center locations. Our black "pen" mechanical transmitter (P-105b) contains no electronics and no batteries. It may be worn inconspicuously with street apparel or on the robe while at the bench. For added safety while transporting prisoners, as well as within the courtroom, our electronic Model LC-210 provides continuous, multi-directional signaling. Should a situation arise wherein an officer is unable to activate his transmitter, having been overcome, unconscious, or "pinned down," the LC-210’s "man-down" feature will automatically signal for help. The LC-210 has been designed to mount securely on a standard uniform duty belt and, when worn properly, it will also activate upon forced removal.
The SCS 30/60 is a cost effective, virtually maintenance-free system that provides easy to use transmitters for both Judges and Deputies.