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Court and Justice Centers
Correctional Facilities
The SCS 30/60 is a location specific alarm system designed for use in man environments including hospital psychiatric wards and emergency rooms. The SCS 30/60 is the perfect personnel and staff personal alarm system to use whenever there is the need to summon help to a specific location.
The system is three-phase: transmitter to receiver to control center. Staff members carry a small LC-110 transmitter similar in size to a pager. The receivers are wall mounted plates and unobtrusive. The SCS 30/60 control panel is mounted at a central location such as the nurse’s station.
In the event of an emergency, ease of operation and dependable performance are a necessity. SCS 30/60 transmitters are extremely easy to operate. Depending on the system, simply push a button or pull a pin. Our lightweight LC-110 weights less than 1.5 oz., contains a low battery warning light and, when properly worn, will alarm upon forced removal.
The Model P-105 mechanical transmitter Pen is also available for use with the system and contains no electronics and no batteries. Because this transmitter resembles a pocket pen, administrative personnel often prefer it.
The SCS 30/60 control panel indicates an alarm and pinpoints the source location with both visual and audible annunciation. Due to simple two-button operation, employee training is minimal. "Acknowledge" and "Reset" are the only commands required. A small lamp on the receiver provides a comforting confirmation to the sender that the call for help has been registered at the control center.