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Establishing Personal Security
The SCS 30/60
Correctional Facilities
SCS 30/60 Provides Personal Security
A LC-210 transmitter, carried by each staff member, can be as valuable inside an institution as a service revolver or baton is outside. It is a weapon against helplessness that can never be used against the staff. The rugged LC-210 provides continuous, multi-directional signaling. Should a situation arise wherein an officer is unable to activate his transmitter, having been overcome, unconscious, or "pinned down," the LC-210ís "man-down" feature will automatically signal for help. The LC-210 has been designed to mount securely on a standard uniform duty belt and, when worn properly, it will also activate upon forced removal.
The LC-210 should never be hidden. Because of its deterrent value, its visual presence can be its greatest asset.
SCS receivers are located through the facility to ensure proper coverage. Sometimes total coverage is required. Often partial coverage in highly vulnerable areas is adequate. All receivers, when installed in correctional facilities, have a steel mesh guard to protect them from vandalism.
The display panel is custom designed to show the exact area or "zone" of the emergency. This zoning ensures that the responding personnel know the exact location of the emergency.
Sophisticated but simple to operate test features are provided. Additionally all lines are supervised. A cut or shorted wire will give an immediate "fault" signal at the central control point.
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